Summer Vacay Coming Soon

We’re almost in the middle of July and I just can’t believe that half of 2018 is already gone. Anyway, the good news is that vacay is almost here and this year things will get way special as I will be spending one week in…*drums*…*trumpets*..Prague, Czech Republic. Yes, it’s finally time to continue my European […]

Trip to Budapest 2018

Arighty then, it’s finally time to write about my small adventure that I had at the end of the last month. The reason why I decided to go on this trip was to recharge my batteries after quitting a really demanding and terrible job that I did a few months ago but also this was […]

Back in Romania

I had one of the most amazing trips and by far the best one this year. It’s been a hectic week full of memories and I just can’t wait to start writing about each trip and share all the great photos that I’ve taken. I want to send special thanks to Anna & Eszter for […]

It’s adventure time

Yas! It’s finally time to travel! After recent events in my life, I decided to go on a short trip to Budapest to refresh a bit and forget about stuff. I’m also really eager to meet my Erasmus friends from Zadar, Eszter & Anna. It will be only a three-day trip but I’m sure I’m […]

Trip to Sibiu

Just as I posted a few days ago, me and my friends visited three amazing cities in Transylvania, Romania. First stop was Alba Iulia, a city located on the Mures river. We only spent a few hours there to enjoy the beautiful sunrise on the hill where the old citadel is. It was really nice […]

Trip to Anina, Romania

A few weeks ago I had a wonderful trip to a Anina, a small city in the south part of Romania. It was the best opportunity to reconnect with nature and to spend some time with my friends. This trip also gave me the necessary boost that I needed to finally start writing my dissertation […]

Trip to Budapest 2017

After one hour flight with Wizzair from Bucharest, I arrived in the beautiful Budapest. I’ve been here before but I didn’t get the chance to explore the city but now I did and it was AMAZING. I also had the wonderful opportunity to reconnect with my dear friend from my last Erasmus experience, Eszter. She […]

Trip to Bucharest 2017

Finally I’m able to write the story of my crazy trip that I had last week (Amen for internet). I always wanted to have a crazy one week trip by myself…just me and a backpack. Was it challenging? Yes, it was. Mostly because you freak out due to the limited luggage and the fact that […]

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