Heating up for Eurovision 2018

The National Finals season for 2018 has recently kicked in with news regarding national finals across Europe and even the Latvian songs being released during these days. Even though my job is currently draining my energy completely, I still found some time to catch up with this crazy thing that is obsessing me for years […]

Autumn vibes

It’s been almost one month since I posted something on my blog. What can I say… I was busy with a lot of things including my new job but I’m happy that I found some time to write a few words here. First of all, I’m happy that summer is finally over (haters gonna hate). […]

New apartment, new life!

It’s been almost two weeks since I moved in my new apartment. What can I say? It’s different, it’s nice and most importantly it’s really comfy. I absolutely adore my room and the fact that it’s situated in a nice and quiet area of the city. Feels amazing to finally get your own place after […]

Vacation 2017

It has been a full week at the Romanian sea-side. A lot of people, smiles, friends, tragedies, trips and many other things that made this trip unique in its own way. I missed seeing these wonderful views and it was a pleasure to re-visit the beautiful city of Constanta with my friends. Also, it was […]

I defended my thesis!

Yes! That day finally came and I successfully defended my thesis and got my master’s degree in Accounting Expertise and Business Valuation. Was it easy? Clearly no but also not impossible. It took a lot of motivation, drama and countless hours of studying to finally do it. Now I have to decide whether I should […]

Thesis completed!

I’m sorry for not being able to write something on my blog recently but as I announced in several (a lot) of posts, I had to write my dissertation thesis. I can proudly say that my thesis is now ready and I can’t wait to defend it so I can get my degree and move […]

Exam Diary 01

If I had an Erasmus Diary on my blog why can’t I have an exam diary? I’m obviously joking, all you can do in an exam diary is to complain of how beautiful is outside and you are inside your room trying to understand analytical procedures and rations applied in financial audit. Thank God for […]

Exams Fever

I’m counting down the days ’till exams will be over and I will enjoy summer properly. Two days ago, I managed to successfully pass my last two exams at my master’s and now I’m fully concentrated on my thesis, ignoring the fact that I still have some history exams. Adult life crisis will hit soon […]

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