I’ve decided to make a great step in terms of blogging and to upgrade to a better and more organized content without continuing on with is a great platform as I previously mentioned in one of my articles but sadly they have been dealing with weird situations lately and on many occasions I […]

Eurovision 2018 Review

I know you’re all interested in my personal life according to the results from the poll in my previous post but today I will be focusing on Eurovision 2018 and a bit on Melodifestivalen. Before I will start dissecting the ‘monster’, let’s analyse a bit how Mello was this year. Uhm…well…not exactly disastrous but extremely […]

Christabelle wins in Malta

Today I will be talking about a dear friend that I’ve continuously supported since 2014 and I never stopped. Christabelle won MESC 2018 tonight with ‘Taboo’, a great and inspiring song that raises awareness about mental illness with a very strong message behind it. I was one of the first people to audition the song […]

Mercy, France!

Oh here I am again, late with everything and finally posting something. I thought about many things to write about but sadly time is extremely limited and I barely find some for myself. It doesn’t matter now, today I will be talking about the French National Selection which was a total blast. I never, ever, […]

Hey 2018

So here we go again, a fresh new start, another chance to make things even better than they were before and hopefully open new unseen doors that will bring lots of changes in my life. I think 2018 will be the year with a lot of great things and I hope that this new year […]

Merry Christmas!

Dear friends, I want to wish you all a happy and joyful Christmas. Enjoy these quiet and beautiful days with your beloved ones and make every single minute count. Even though we haven’t got any snow this year (again), we will surely get some in January and February next year. ‘Till then, enjoy! 🙂   P.S: […]

Spotify surprises me with an early Xmas gift

Yes people. I’ve been waiting for Spotify to launch in my country for years now and this will finally happen in less than 10 days, more exactly on 28 November. I started using spotify since 2014 during my first Erasmus experience in Portugal and since then I never stopped loving this amazing service. Of course, […]

November vibes

We are almost in the middle of November and everything feels weird and no, I’m not talking about the weather. Life is a journey, you meet different personalities, you interact, and you always end up giving something to the world. I just hate it when I’m not able to be myself. What’s the point of […]

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