Germany and Eurovision

It’s day 9 of the #nouw30daychallenge and I’m dedicating this post to Germany and the position of this country in the Eurovision paradise. Tonight they selected their entrant for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev. They tried to bring back the same selection method through which they managed to discover Lena seven years ago […]

Day 8: Challenges

Damn it! This #nouw30daychallenge proves to be extremely challenging. It’s not that it’s difficult to write something but sometimes it’s difficult to find the topic or ideas to do it. It’s day 8 and it feels complicated already. Today was a chilling day, we went to canteen and then for a walk and finally some […]


It’s exam period, hence it’s the ‘best’ time to watch some series or at least use them to chill a bit from the stressed caused by the exams. Again, I had a free month on Netflix and I used it to discover new series and so I did. I started watching Outlander last month (I’m […]

I miss home

Erasmus abroad is amazing but at one point you can get homesick. For the second time, I’m getting homesick in my last month here. The good news is that I somehow managed to fix the shitty internet in the dormitory and I can finally blog from my laptop. Also, recently I started having some health […]

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