Eurovision 2018 Review

I know you’re all interested in my personal life according to the results from the poll in my previous post but today I will be focusing on Eurovision 2018 and a bit on Melodifestivalen. Before I will start dissecting the ‘monster’, let’s analyse a bit how Mello was this year. Uhm…well…not exactly disastrous but extremely […]

Thoughts before Melfest Final

`It was a great national final season and Melodifestivalen was amazing this year. Overall, I’m really pleased with all the new and fresh songs we got from Melfest this year but I’m gutted for all those incredible songs that failed to qualify in the Grand Final. Probably the biggest victim of the year is Loreen. […]

Thoughts from Home

It was a long road ’till home and a dramatic goodbye moment in the last few minutes in Zadar. Only after reaching home I realized what I left behind and the pain that it caused me can’t be described in words. Five months that felt like five years. All those amazing souls that I’ve met […]

Melodifestivalen 2017: First Impressions

Melodifestivalen participants were revealed last week and I’m happy to say that next year’s event will be huge because of two main reasons: Mr. Bjorkman makes sure to make it better and better every year aaand we have some new shocking returnings (Loreen & Charlotte Perelli). Both Loreen and Charlotte won Eurovision in the past […]

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