I’ve decided to make a great step in terms of blogging and to upgrade to a better and more organized content without continuing on with is a great platform as I previously mentioned in one of my articles but sadly they have been dealing with weird situations lately and on many occasions I […]

Eurovision 2018 Review

I know you’re all interested in my personal life according to the results from the poll in my previous post but today I will be focusing on Eurovision 2018 and a bit on Melodifestivalen. Before I will start dissecting the ‘monster’, let’s analyse a bit how Mello was this year. Uhm…well…not exactly disastrous but extremely […]

Hey 2018

So here we go again, a fresh new start, another chance to make things even better than they were before and hopefully open new unseen doors that will bring lots of changes in my life. I think 2018 will be the year with a lot of great things and I hope that this new year […]

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